Technical specifications

Super easy to install.

We will work with your internal technical team to make sure Able Live fits the needs of your network.  Built with ease of use and customization in mind, Able Live designed easy integrate with your current infrastructure.

  • Cloud built on Amazon Web Services’s infinitely scalable infrastructure.
  • Private API available to all subscribers for internal application team. 
  • Verifone, Gilbarco, NCR integration.  Wayne and Nextgen pending.
  • Flexible per customer network settings.  We will work with your network team or vendor(s).
  • Easy installation, give our Able Live Hub access to the internet and turn it on, we handle the rest in our Able Live Cloud.
  • No software licensing fees.

Built with security in mind first.

The Able Live Hub will be installed at the station to connect to the Able Live Cloud.  This is the only hardware needed to get up and running on the Able live network. The Able Live application and hardware are developed with security in mind first.  We use best in breed technologies to ensure your data is safe and that your network is not exposed to any vulnerabilities.

  • On-site Able Live Hub (5” x 8”), built in mounting brackets.
  • The Able Live Hub uses outbound connections (no incoming connections are accepted). Ports: 22/tcp, 2200/tcp, 443/tcp and 123/udp.
  • All traffic over internet is encrypted.
  • All commands passed to on-site hardware (Able Handset or Point of Sales) are built on-site.  No commands are passed directly to the POS or Handset from the internet.
  • No customer payment information is transmitted, processed or stored on the Able Live Hub.